Fundamentals of Fellowship

FELLOWSHIP is fundamental for spiritual growth. If you're a come late leave early type of saint, then you're truly missing out on a great blessing! I try hard every single service to shake the hands or hug the necks of every person in the church. And we have a LOT of people at our church! LOL! Goodness! I do this because it is the example my Pastor and his wife set. They greet every person. Sometimes it is an exhausting process, but I try anyway. I also strive to save the people I talk with most for last. I want to talk with everyone. This is the example of the House. It reminds me of what the Apostle Paul said: to follow him as He follows Christ. If you don't know what to do or need a little push, sometimes all you have to do is look over at your Pastor or his wife and follow the example. Just follow.

Fellowship leads to deeper connections and friendships. You will never be friends with everyone, but you can be friendly. I try to attend everything even when I'm tired. Sometimes I invite myself If you're an introvert, I get it. Do it ANYWAY. It will change your life. You'll realize we all are striving for the mastery. We learn from one another. It builds unity of the Faith! It's HARD to drag your brothers and sisters through the mud when you break bread together, share a laugh, hold their baby, know their struggle, or see them cry. We are all imperfect. But oh grace, we will be perfected through the power of God and by building one another. Iron sharpens iron! Two are better than one.

I think it is a sad thing for the saint who falls or struggles alone, especially when they don't have to be alone. To have a brother or sister pick you up out the trenches, dust you off, pray for you, and encourage you to keep running is a blessing! It often starts with fellowship. It starts with a handshake. A praise the Lord, sister! A phone call. A text. Coffee together. Visiting their home.

Now, here is a warning: you may find weird people, crazy people, nice people, serious people, silly people, annoying people, fun people, even messy people--all kinds. But guess what? If any man be in Christ, He is a new creature. God's people. The Holy Ghost will take us through our process as we daily submit. God does the perfecting through the Holy Ghost! He also uses people, the ones we often avoid fellowshipping with, to help reveal truths, build us, heal hurts, and teach us so much about His Kingdom!

I absolutely love my brothers and sisters in Christ! Salute to the McMorrises and so many of the saints who always keep the door of fellowship open. This picture is from one of many moments: the after party, after fellowship at church, after a fire service. To learn about my church, specifically, feel free to visit

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