Profiles of a Misfit

#1. They enjoy solitude.

Moments alone are when they are most prone to

SOW—or have Spontaneous Outbursts of Worship.

They understand the investment of time spent in the presence

Of the one who gave them space to repent

So they make space for Him in their plans

Even when plans each day never cease to end

The day indisputably has to begin with a “thank you Lord, amen”

They may crave to leave a party or work early sometimes to rush home –

not to flick on the television and watch the latest episode of Empire

But to have an episode of intimate fire and desire

That may culminate in passionate cries of sounds like,


Or “Glory to the Lamb

The I Am”

They don’t do it for the glam,

They do it for the Vine

The Divine

Their Life Line connection who impowers them with New Wine

#2. Sometimes, the people who should recognize them, don’t.

For example, because He didn’t come riding regally on a white horse,

The religious experts concluded that He could not be the Son of God since

He didn’t fit the criteria of a Savior in their eyes.

He was humble, gentle, and was not concerned about riches.

So, how could He call himself, Jesus?

He spoke in parabolic riddles

They spoke in absolutes

They were stuck on tradition

He was the walking Truth

on a mission to uproot principles of no use.

He was the prophetic revelation concealed to blinded eyes

But a stumbling block to those who thought they were wise

Despised by those who should’ve welcomed Him with praise

And praised by those ignorant of who He was in the first place

The broken realized He could do some fixing

But the mended wanted to break Him on the cross of His crucifixion

They purchased with accusations that He committed treason

although the government sits on His shoulders as He orchestrates seasons--

their reasons slightly logical when measured by the law

but the Justice of Peace revealed every flaw

and loophole…

but they saw what they saw

#3. They have strange diets.

One of the most renown misfits was said to have eaten locusts—and wild honey.

But some go days without eating anything at all.

#4. They believe they can fly.


They have this sensational idea in their mind

that at the end of all time

A King will crack the sky and whisk them away in the twinkling of an eye

Like blink, goodbye

Almost like Aladdin on a magic carpet ride

Except this will be the ride of their life

To a whole new world where they reign with Christ

Science fiction has created cinematic depictions of this

Flight misfits anticipate any night or day

So they stay prepped and wait

To fly.


#5. They think.

And for thinking, they’re labeled rebels.

But they find no satisfaction in rebellion as it is a sin akin to witchcraft.

But they think and ponder.

And question

And mediate.

And compare the reality of God’s Word with the climate of today.

They think that if God came to seek and save the lost, why do some churches impose heavier weights on sinners before they even get to the Cross?

They think of how we can point fingers and critique the sinner or seem surprised

by a sinner who will keep sinning until transformed by God.

Such were some of you, they think

Till you fell in love with a Savior and applied His Truth


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