True Christians

Dear friends: In a few weeks, I will be recording this poem (and others that I've shared recently) in studio. However, for those who requested to "see" the words, this is for you. Always remember, spoken word poetry is crafted to be heard. All glory to God! And shout out to my husband :)

A spoken word poem by Kim Noble Calhoun

One of the most profound distinctions

We need to make mention

is the separation of relation between true Christians – and, well, everybody else

See, America – this land of the free

has so freely incorporated the term into its pillars like a tag line adopted by the majority of its’ citizens—yet, annulling the necessities required

Because you can wear the label “Christian” if only desired

The only requisite and you can quit the label at any time

But attention—it’s time to declare a distinction

May we place a moratorium on this unauthorized name calling

Until it has been modified to fit precisely what it was meant

A Christian is one who follows the teachings of Christ

Baptized in His blood denying all rights

Not a revisionist deducting what does not accommodate his life

So he can walk with the crowd

Instead of sacrifice

So, again, attention—can we make a distinction?

Because we’ve allowed too many exceptions

And we’ve been told to hold our tongues because it’s not politically correct

Or, shhhh…someone in the room might get easily upset


a “Christian” can fornicate, idolate, back it up, tear it down

jig in the club, then get right back up singing in the choir Sunday morn’

While he say, “praise the Lord” with his boyfriend on his arm

“Mmmm…amen. And oh, God is good!”

And yes, God is good

But they’ve become professional church linguists in the art of cliché phrases

Just blending in

Wanting issued a release

Without touching His hem

Trying to rape God of His benefits without following after Him

And, to clear your minds…this is not a holier than thou pow wow

But a dispelling of every lie, rumor, and allusion

That the Word of God is the gospel according to confusion

No, there is a rule book

And it’s time for us to rebirth this word that for too long has been treated like a verb

Just, something to transition into and do when it’s convenient for you

You see, some may not take living for God very seriously

But let me remind you, a bit, a glimpse of this holy legacy

What prophetic men and women of God have suffered throughout the ages for

Sometimes even paid the price with blood for

Thrown into pits with ravenous lions ripped to pieces for

Thrown in pots skin boiled to death alive for

Scandalized and arrested when preaching this Gospel for

Maliciously whipped, ripping skin off His back for

Strung up with nails, fighting asphyxiation for

Died on the cross bearing the weight of all sin for

For, for. . .

For us to so casually call ourselves “Christian”

So, if you have not performed the rites for this precious birthright

(That’s alright, just get right)

But please stop evoking this term of servitude

Which is only deluding those hurting from the truth

We need a distinction

To restore the reverence initially granted

When the world first opened its mouth and pointed out “Christian”

The word was a death sentence

Fatally silenced at the mention

And no, this is not a call, a hope, that the word to incite slaughter

But an answer if you’re out there screaming for Living Water!

To the hurting you can still cast your burden upon Him

And, yes, there’s still people striving to live for Him, yet

Falsely accused for being associated with a people who think the word

“Christian” is just an item for sell

To the lowest bidder

Whose self will inadvertently lead others to hell

Yes, it’s that real

So pretending Christians, beware

And now I take my God given pen to insert a revision

An addendum that will not cause shame

To the faithful who still live and breathe in His Name

Christian, meaning – one who follows the teachings of Christ

Baptized in His blood denying all rights, right?


AND, not reconstructing the truth to make it sound right

But saying, “God we’re going to do it like you said it

because You paid the ultimate price”

There is a distinction

Between a Christian—and everybody else


© Poet Noble & Company, LLC.     All rights reserved.

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