When I See Jesus

I wrote this short piece August 12, 2013.

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When I see Jesus

I'm just going to have to do something cool

Like I may just stand in His presence while my lips start to drool

And I'm not being crazy, I just never learned how to act proper in His glory

And if you ever tasted of Him, I imagine you have the same story

He's been by my side before I got a man

And even when I met one, He is still my best friend

The Word say He sticks closer than a brother,

but for me, He sticks closer than the air that I breathe

My brothers hold me down, but Almighty God lives inside of me

So, when I see Him, I’m going to have to say

Are you the one who’s been keeping me?

You’re the one who broke my depression and set me free

You’re the Word I read and now the Word looking at me

You the one I’ve been praising with everything I can give

You’re the one I've been praying to

And the one who whispered sweet dreams in my sleep

You’re the one I've been planning all my life to meet

You’re the one who shed your blood and gave me your all

You’re the one who always answered when I ain't have nobody else to call

You’re the one who replaced my daddy when you took his life away

You’re the one who put joy so deep it creased a smile on my face

So, wait you're the one who wiped my tears when my loved ones left this earth

You're telling me you're the one who fought my battles when I was laid out in the dirt

You're the one who took my nothing and turned it into worth

You're the one who helped me though that rough year of school

You’re the one who helped me see the Gospel is truly good news!

And wait you're the one who's spirit lives inside of me

You're the one who gave me power so I could be set free

You're the one who forgave me before I could forgive myself

You're the one who was my Joy when I ain't have nothing else left

And you know that year of darkness when I was like, “yo what is this place?”

So, you're the God who made those dark nights feel like it was day

And so, when I see Jesus

And I walk humbly through heaven's door

I'll maybe hold my breath as I take in all the Light decor

If the awe of His presence even allows me to speak

I'll say, "Jesus, I'm standing right here, and you're really looking right back at me?"

The thought of that precious moment brings me to my knees

Oh, when I see the King of glory,

I dare my words will even speak


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